You Have A Profitable Message! Teaching your market will change your life and your student’s

You Do Have A Message! Teaching your market what you know will skyrocket your impact and profits…

You do have a message. You already know SO much and this knowledge you have is invaluable to others; it has the power to transform lives, businesses and industries – as well as your own business and bottom line, IF ONLY YOU’D JUST UNLEASH IT!!

Downloading your knowledge from your brain, and sharing with others is THE highest converting method of building a strong and viable business.  Sarah Cordiner calls this ‘edu-preneurship’; educating, in a commercially profitable manner.
Have you got to where you are in your life today, having not learnt ANYTHING?  You don’t have to be a proclaimed expert in something to have value and worthiness to give, share and help others. You simply have to share information about what you DO know how to do, to someone who doesn’t know how to do that.

With 7.2 billion people in the world, your chances of finding a few are pretty high.

You’ve learnt a lot in your life.  Probably most through your mishaps and the times things have gone wrong, but there are ton of people out there that are yet to make those mistakes, or trip on those mishaps and are yet to learn the things you have learned, whether you learned it formally or through experience.
Its your job, its your purpose in the world, to help people that don’t know it yet to know it, and to help them use that knowledge to make their lives and their businesses better.
Be the edu-preneur and go make positive change – profitably!

Sarah Cordiner