Why You Should Not Give Up On Your Online Course Idea

I remember when my education business was just an idea.

When it all seemed so difficult, impossible, terrifying, overwhelming.. (ok, it can still be all of these things at times!!)
But just like you, I had a dream, a passion, a desire to help people get new skills and gain new knowledge.
I wanted to make positive change in the world and leave a legacy, so I started from the corner of my dining room table with nothing more than a borrowed laptop (the size of a suitcase) and a whole load of hope.


My passion for developing courses has always been gargantuan, so much so that over a decade later, I’m still happily at it and now teaching others how to do it too.  However, like any task, there are good days and bad days.  There are times when it feels like no matter how hard we try, no matter how much effort we put in, that nothing seems to go to plan and we feel like giving up.


This happens a lot to online course creators.  We can feel overwhelmed by the amount of research we need to do, or how what content to include in our courses, or the technology we have to keep learning,  or how we are going to market our course once it’s built; and that dream of changing people’s lives and bringing in the passive income we deserve just seems light-years away.




No matter how hard and unattainable it might seem right now, please please please do NOT give up.
Here is my world map Google analytics report of JUST my active online school users from the last 30 days….

Looking at this still never ceases to make my heart feel like it’s going to pop and a tear of joy, purpose and pride well up in my eye.

I only started recording my online learning analytics in September last year (make sure you start recording your analytics ASAP! I wish I had started recording mine sooner!) – and in that time I have now had over 3,400 paying students learn from me in 119 countries.

world users this month



This literally blows my mind at what is possible.
And want to know what?  YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!!!!


– Keep going with your course creation.
– Never stop learning yourself.
– Never stop sharing what you’ve learned with others.
– Remember that there is a whole WORLD of people out there that WANT and NEED to know what you know – it is your purpose and mission on this earth to share it with them.
– Remember that to not share what you know with eager learners is doing them a disservice.

– Remember that all online course creators feel overwhelmed and stuck at times – reach out to them and ask for help
– Never stop marketing.
– Never ever ever give up. (Believe me, I have eaten more dirt than you could ever imagine)
Let’s get that next module drafted out shall we?? GO GO GO!


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