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9 Ways to Increase Completion Rates of Your Online Course

According to novoed, online course completion rates are extremely low at just 13%.


This is a major problem for online course creators and online instructors.  If our students do not complete our courses, they cannot benefit from everything that it has to offer.   

If they don’t receive the full value of their training program, then it is less likely to have a transformational effect on their life. Without transformation and positive learning experiences,  satisfaction rates decrease and we will lose out on the greatest online course marketing of all –  word of mouth referrals.


Completing our courses means that our students will get their full value from them, and this means that we are far more likely to leave a positive, lasting impression on our students, which in turn gets us excellent feedback and reviews that will keep our courses filled with students long into the future.


But how can we increase the completion rates of online…

11 August 2016

5 Ways To Make Your Students Hungry For Your Online Course

Have you ever bought a music album having not heard the music before?  Probably not.  Before you paid money for the last song you downloaded or CD you purchased, you are likely to have first heard it on the radio, at a friends house, in a club or at a concert.  


If we want to sell more online courses, we need to remember that until someone knows us, they don’t know us….  Obvious isn’t it?!  However, too many of us think simply creating an online course is enough to sell one too.  But the reality is, that people need to see you, hear you and get a taste of you and your content before they buy from you.

The free preview method
There are many ways that we can warm up the taste buds of our audience so that they are rocking to our tune and ready to tuck into our course as soon as it…

22 July 2016

How Long Should Your Online Course Videos Be? 3 Simple Tips For The Perfect Video Duration

How long should your online course videos be?

Here are 3 simple tips for getting the perfect online course video duration.


Us human beings have incredibly short attention spans, and it’s getting shorter and shorter as we continue to be bombarded with information and distractions.

Successful online instructors get to the top, because their students enjoy their courses, watch all of the videos and complete the course.

If your online course videos are longer than they need to be, or do not meet the points below, your students are less likely to enjoy and complete your course.


The fact is, that there is no ‘set’ duration that is good or bad, right or wrong; nor does the perfect ‘duration’ just come down to the actual number of minutes your video is.


Here are three simple tips to get the perfect online course video duration to maximise your student engagement and completion:



Keep to one…

17 July 2016

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